Heart-pounding Historical Fiction

Genre: Berlin Fractured

Into the Unknown (Berlin Fractured Book 4)

After Victor’s accident, she yearns to go and see him, but he’s whisked away to Wiesbaden in West Germany…and Bruni is stuck in a Berlin blockaded by the Soviets.
But she wouldn’t be Bruni if she didn’t think of a way to be reunited with Victor and embarks on a trip with a truck driver.
Otto is a smuggler and small-time criminal running the blockade and bringing much-needed food into the Western parts of Berlin. When he takes Bruni with him, neither one is prepared for how wrong a simple trip across the Soviet occupied zone can go…

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In the Skies (Berlin Fractured Book 3)

Escaping the Soviet oppression is easier said than done… In 1948 the experiment of four-power ruling over defeated Germany has turned out to be a spectacular failure and the Soviets […]

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On the Brink (Berlin Fractured Book 2)

The ultimate struggle for supremacy over Berlin begins… … a stage-worthy walkout of the Soviet delegates from all four-power institutions sets the scene for the next step. On the world […]

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From the Ashes (Berlin Fractured Book 1)

From the bestselling author of the ‘War Girls Series’ comes a nail-biting story about Berlin sliding into the Cold War. The Third Reich has crumbled and Berlin is governed by […]

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