Heart-pounding Historical Fiction

Genre: Berlin Fractured

Against the Odds (Berlin Fractured Book 5)

A Cold War Tale of Chocolate, Courage, and Loyalty behind the Iron Curtain In the heart of Berlin—a divided city simmering with tension and unrest—Floriane ekes out a living in […]

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Box Set: Berlin Fractured Complete Series

This series will transport you into the aftermath of World War Two, into a Berlin in ruins. Three friends, Marlene, Bruni and Zara are trying to eek out a living […]

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Into the Unknown (Berlin Fractured Book 4)

After Victor’s accident, she yearns to go and see him, but he’s whisked away to Wiesbaden in West Germany…and Bruni is stuck in a Berlin blockaded by the Soviets.
But she wouldn’t be Bruni if she didn’t think of a way to be reunited with Victor and embarks on a trip with a truck driver.
Otto is a smuggler and small-time criminal running the blockade and bringing much-needed food into the Western parts of Berlin. When he takes Bruni with him, neither one is prepared for how wrong a simple trip across the Soviet occupied zone can go…

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In the Skies (Berlin Fractured Book 3)

Escaping the Soviet oppression is easier said than done… In 1948 the experiment of four-power ruling over defeated Germany has turned out to be a spectacular failure and the Soviets […]

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On the Brink (Berlin Fractured Book 2)

The ultimate struggle for supremacy over Berlin begins… … a stage-worthy walkout of the Soviet delegates from all four-power institutions sets the scene for the next step. On the world […]

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From the Ashes (Berlin Fractured Book 1)

From the bestselling author of the ‘War Girls Series’ comes a nail-biting story about Berlin sliding into the Cold War. The Third Reich has crumbled and Berlin is governed by […]

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