Recommended Reading Order

Love and Resistance Trilogy

  1. Unrelenting
  2. Unyielding
  3. Unwavering

War Girls Series

  1. Downed Over Germany (prequel)
  2. War Girl Ursula
  3. War Girl Lotte
  4. War Girl Anna
  5. Reluctant Informer (spin-off book)
  6. Trouble Brewing
  7. Fatal Encounter
  8. Uncommon Sacrifice
  9. Bitter Tears
  10. Secrets Revealed
  11. Together at Last
  12. Endless Ordeal

   Not without my Sister

War Girls Romance Series

  1. Second Chance at First Love  (best read after Uncommon Sacrifice)

Berlin Fractured Series

  1. From the Ashes
  2. On the Brink
  3. In the Skies
  4. Into the Unknown

A Jewess in Nazi Germany

  1. Turning Point (short story)
  2. A Light in the Window
  3. From the Dark We Rise