Heart-pounding Historical Fiction

Genre: Margarete’s Journey

Daughter of the Dawn

1944, Germany: The war is still raging, as a young woman named Margarete hides from the Nazis in plain sight. With each day that passes, she takes more risks. But […]

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The Girl in the Shadows

1943, Germany: Two years ago, fate gave a beautiful young Jewish woman named Margarete Rosenbaum the chance to survive the Nazis, by pretending to be one of them, hiding in […]

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From the Dark We Rise

“Please, let me help. I won’t tell anyone.” It was madness to help an escaped prisoner in Nazi Germany, but how could she not? If it weren’t for a lucky […]

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A Light in the Window

Margarete stumbles out of the bombed-out house, the dust settling around her like snow. Mistaking her for the dead officer’s daughter, a guard rushes over to gently ask her if […]

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Turning Point – A Prequel to A Light in the Window

German Jewess Margarete doesn’t want to die… …but to survive she has to become the one person she hates most in this world. Destined for deportation to a labor camp, […]

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