Against the Odds (Berlin Fractured Book 5)

A Cold War Tale of Chocolate, Courage, and Loyalty behind the Iron Curtain
In the heart of Berlin—a divided city simmering with tension and unrest—Floriane ekes out a living in a chocolate factory. She’s not just an unassuming worker; she’s a survivor, raising her younger sister in the shadows of a world still scarred by war.

Vladimir, a Red Army Intelligence officer, is sent to East Berlin with a clear mission: to quell discontent against the Soviet Union. A chance encounter with Floriane ignites a forbidden love, but he hides a dangerous secret – until he’s forced to choose between his two true loves: his country and Floriane.

Emboldened by the glimmer of hope following Stalin’s death, the East German citizens demand change. As the workers strike against oppressive quotas, Floriane and her sister join the protest, marching in the streets they call home.

When Floriane is in peril, Vladimir’s heart and conscience collide. Will he risk everything, including his own promising career, to rescue the woman he loves?

Against the Odds is a gripping tale of passion, courage, and sacrifice, set against the backdrop of a tumultuous chapter in German history. Join Floriane and Vladimir on a thrilling journey through the smoky streets of Berlin, where love knows no boundaries, and heroes emerge from the most unexpected places.

This book is based on the true events of the Uprising of the 17th of June 1953 in East Berlin.

To be released on December 12th, 2023