War Girl Anna

War Girls Series: Book 3

When career ambitions and morals collide…
…which way will she choose?

Nurse Anna is making the career of her dreams, working for the most renowned medicine professor in Germany.

But her happiness is shattered the moment she stumbles upon a ghastly secret the Nazis are hiding from the world.
The tuberculosis vaccine everyone is desperate to find is tested on retarded children not mice.

Looking away is not an option…

…because Anna is ordered to do the ugly bidding.

Now she has to choose:

– between her ambition or her conscience
– between possibly saving millions or the suffering of a few
– between following orders or endangering her family

Can Anna find a way out or will the suffering of innocents haunt her forever?

If you enjoy reading about moral dilemmas, tough decisions, and overcoming great evil, you’ll love this fast-paced book in the War Girls Saga.

All books in this series are stand-alone, although characters from previous books make appearances in future books.