Unyielding: Love and Resistance in WW2 Germany (World War II Trilogy)

Eighty years ago on October 24, 1936 two people pledged their love — for each other, but also for their country and for humanity. They left a legacy of courage and resilience. Something that is all too often forgotten in our world today. Unyielding tells the story of unconditional love and bravery. Q and Hilde fight everyday to keep on to their own happiness while battling the evils of the Nazi regime. Q gets sucked deeper and deeper into his intelligence work that includes sabotage of war production, giving critical information to the enemies of Germany, and acts of passive resistance. But he feels it’s not enough. He’s devising a plan to do the one thing that might shorten this horrible war and save millions of lives: assassinate a fellow human, a Nazi leader. But can he go through with it? Or will this be the ruin not only for himself, but his entire family?