The Berlin Wife [German Wives Book 1]

Germany, 1930s: Edith holds the letter in a trembling hand, her eyes fixed on the eagle carrying the terrifying symbol in its claws. The summons from the Gestapo is everything she has dreaded for months. She tells herself she has nothing to fear. She has done nothing wrong…

In this heartbreaking story based on real events, it will be up to one woman to fight for her love in a world that wants to destroy it.

When beautiful, shy Edith married her elegant, banker husband Julius, she believed that their union would be forever. In spite of her humble background, they have loved each other since the minute they met at a dance. As she learns how to behave in the high society world Julius has opened to her, she is determined to enjoy every moment.

But the Nazi party is growing in power, and her marriage comes under increasing strain. Julius is of Jewish origin—and even some of Edith’s closest family believe their relationship is an abomination, demanding she divorce him.

Julius refuses to see the risk, insisting his powerful friends will protect him. But Edith finds herself scared that her husband may be declared her enemy. And if that happens, how will she protect him?

Soon, she finds herself plunged into a world of revolution and danger, where everything she knows can be changed at the stroke of a pen—or the strike of a fist. As the peril grows, can she find the fire in her heart to fight for what is right, at the cost of her own safety?

A totally devastating, powerful, and ultimately uplifting story, perfect for fans of The Tattooist of AuschwitzMy Name is Eva and Sold on a Monday.