Stolen Childhood

This is a short story from The Road to Liberation collection.

When a ragged doll is your only friend…

Mindel doesn’t remember her birthday or her last name anymore. Four years old, she was separated from her older sister, Rachel, as soon as they arrived at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Left to fend for herself with only her doll as an ally, she finds 6-year-old Lazlo and his gang of children. Because the adults can’t protect them from the SS, they take survival into their own little hands.

Rachel is old enough to work in an ammunition factory. The work is brutally hard and the living conditions are horrendous, but she wills herself to stay alive, because she needs to find her baby sister Mindel again.

Without her protection, how can Mindel stay alive?

But as the war nears its end, and the Nazis become more desperate to hide their crimes, can the two sisters survive? And will they find each other again in the chaos of liberation?

A touching story of self-sacrifice and survival from a USA Today Bestselling author.

** The collection is not for sale anymore, but this story has been re-published as a full novel under the name Not without my sister: