Secrets Revealed

Whom can she trust when friends become foes?

Hiding from the Nazis… … right under their noses.

Lotte works for the Wehrmacht and spies for the British. A race against the time begins, when her contact in the Norwegian resistance is captured.

Who will be faster, the Allies liberating Norway or the Gestapo finding out her secret? If she’s caught she’ll be tortured and killed.

But this is not her only problem, because when the tides turn, friends become foes and foes turn out to have a heart filled with compassion. Without help, Lotte will never make it back home to see her family again.

Follow Lotte on her agonizing flight across Denmark, evading not only her own people. You’ll love this fast-pace WW2 adventure, because everyone loves a spunky and feisty heroine.

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