Box Set: Unrelenting, Unyielding, Unwavering

This is the entire collection of the Love and Resistance in WWII Germany trilogy consisting of the books Unrelenting, Unyielding and Unwavering.

Berlin, Germany 1932. In a time of political unrest and strife, one man finds the courage to fight back…

The Trilogy consisting of Unrelenting, Unyielding, and Unwavering in one book.

Follow Dr. Wilhem “Q” Quedlin, chemical engineer and inventor, and Hilde Dremmer through the rise of Hitler and into World War Two.

While fighting against their own government, they struggle to keep their family safe and their love for each other burning.

Despite darkness and despair looming at every corner, their hope never fades.
Will they evade the inevitable and come out unscathed by the claws of the Gestapo?